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 Step away from the Flash Heal Button

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PostSubject: Step away from the Flash Heal Button   Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:35 pm

I'm getting tired of saying this, so here's my final word on the subject:

Don't use flash heal, except if you get a free proc from Surge of Light, or if you're casting it with a view to gettting the Serendipity stack going. If you use it as your primary single-target heal you will be out-of-mana in no time at all.

A nice easy rotation is as follows:


Prayer of Mending
Renew on Tank

Wait for Mana to regen to 100%


Heal on Tank, causing Renew to refresh, and Chakra state to extend
Keep spamming heal. With sufficient spirit, you should find that you regen more mana during the cast than you expend
Use Holy Word: Aspire on cooldown
Flash Heal x 2 to get Serendipity Proc, and maintain for when you need a fast Greater Heal

In order of preference, here are the other major priest spells:

Area Effect:

Chakra + Prayer of Mending = Holy Word: Sanctuary
Circle of Healing
Prayer of Healing

MANA Regen:

Hymn of Hope


Guardian Spirit on Tank
Divine Hymn to boost health of whole group
Leap of Faith (Life Grip) if people keep standing in the fire
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PostSubject: Re: Step away from the Flash Heal Button   Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:50 pm

Yeah, but it's still good to flash heal if it saves the tank Smile
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Step away from the Flash Heal Button
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