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 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List (13/11/11)

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PostSubject: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List (13/11/11)   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List (13/11/11) EmptySun Jan 30, 2011 6:15 pm

Please read this thread first before you ask in Guild chat: (Last Updated 31-01-11)


Q: How to I see what professions Guild members have?
A: Press J – View - Professions.

Q: Where is the Guild vendor?
A: To the left of the Warchiefs Command Board in Orgrimmar.

Q. How do I get a different rank in the Guild?
A. You must be 85 and be registered on the forum as your mains name then you can choose your path of Raider for PvE or Ganker for PvP

Q. Who is the Guild Master?
A. Lavajava.

Q. What does net and tot on my DKP notes mean?
A. Net means how much DKP you have currently and tot is short for total which is your lifetime amount of DKP earned since you have been raiding in the Guild.

Q. Are we a 10 or 25 man raiding Guild?
A. 10 man.

Q. How do I earn Guild Rep/XP?
A. You can quest or do and instance or raid with the guild that contains at least 80% of guild members i.e.: 4/5 for a 5 man or 8/10 for a 10 man. You can contribute towards the guild XP when you gain guild rep.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List (13/11/11)
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