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 PVP - guidelines, Faq W/e u want :)

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PVP - guidelines, Faq W/e u want :) Empty
PostSubject: PVP - guidelines, Faq W/e u want :)   PVP - guidelines, Faq W/e u want :) EmptyThu Feb 03, 2011 8:24 pm

What do u guys want from the PVP side (examples) - since trying to set up meeting's within the guild have completely and utterly failed imo - I have tried on serveral ocasions but due to a lack of interest and untill such interest is proven - the new requirements for "ganker rank" will be set under these conditions.

Summery - if u want to rated bg's within bloodstream u need to

1 - Sign up on forums - and introducing urself In the introduction to PVP thread, following suit - (yes this is done for pve raiding e.g. u have to have the corosponding vent name if not u dont raid im also following suit - by if u dont signup on forums u dont join rated bg's because its a sign of lack disrespect, lack ofattention to detail, and bad communication which is vital to a pvp environment.

2 - Be Cohesive - Working together - not nerdraging when something doesnt go to plan, dont just rely on the raid leader - oh its his fault we lost lets all blame him quite frankly that just makes me not bother - or u will be demoted/removed from guild for insubordination/incompetence e.g. if u go about doing ur own thing - if ur told to defend flag u defend flag - if ur told not to stay in flag room u dont stay in flag room, if ur told to defend blacksmith u defend blacksmith

3 - Be prepared - Just like raiding - u need to have gear, if a rogue does a couple of ambushes to a e.g. clothie priest healer, without resilience hes going to be
taking alot more damage and thus burning more mana spamming fast healing (the mana burning ones 1.5s casting) just to stay alive and ur
not really a healer if the only thing u can do is keep ur nothing more than a glorified cloth tank
- Be on vent. its faster to communicate via voice than it is to type while ur trying to defend urself in pvp and u also lock out the use of hotkeys
while typing (talking)
- have the time avliable, dont just suddenly say oh sorry i have to go straight after we lose a r-bg because it didnt go well, u will be demoted
or kicked

4 - Pugging - this should be kept to a minimum because the player is a unknown entitty and theoretically will do what he thinks is best and is not under our jurisdiction to obey our rules which are key to a successful organised group event,

5 - How often Rated bg's are to be done - currently none - untill i see at least 10 ppl signup on forums after we get 10 ppl we can think about organising an event - why do something if u dont have the materials ?

Subject to change / update - first draft 29/01/11 (reason for edit - wasnt showing properly)
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PVP - guidelines, Faq W/e u want :)
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