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* Two new achievements have been added for earning exalted reputation with 45 and 50 factions respectively. The title The Exalted is now awarded for earning exalted reputation with 50 factions, up from 40.
* A new achievement, Just Another Day in Tol Barad, has been added for completing all of the Tol Barad daily quests.
* Achievement Bug Fixes
+ Players should correctly receive the achievement Faster Than the Speed of Light (Halls of Origination) if they die prior to the party meeting the criteria.
+ The achievement criteria for Prototype Prodigy (Deadmines) correctly resets after a wipe.

Dungeons & Raids

* Level-85 players can now choose any normal dungeon via the Dungeon Finder. Choosing Random Dungeon will still not add Blackrock Caverns or Throne of the Tides into the rotation.
* Level-85 dungeon bosses in Lost City of the Tol'vir, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination now drop 30 Justice Points each when killed.
* The daily Random Dungeon reward on normal difficulty has been increased to 140 Justice Points, up from 70.
* Players no longer need to discover Cataclysm dungeon entrances in order to access them via the Dungeon Finder.
* The Bastion of Twilight

Ascendant Council
+ The Elementium Monstrosity can be attacked from farther away than was previously the case.
+ The damage dealt by Liquid Ice has been increased significantly.
+ The damage dealt by Electric Instability on normal difficulty has been reduced slightly.
+ Immunity effects will no longer cancel Gravity Crush.
+ Gravity Crush no longer hits additional targets on Heroic difficulty.
+ Frozen Orbs now despawn at the start of phase 3 on Heroic difficulty.

+ The recast time on Depravity has been increased in 10-player mode.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
+ Shadow Nova is now cast less frequently in 10-player modes to account for fewer available interrupts there.
+ The captured drakes in this encounter now apply Dragon's Vengeance when they are killed instead of when they are freed. To account for this change, the health and damage of the drakes has been reduced, and the damage bonus gained from Dragon's Vengeance has been increased.

Valiona and Theralion
+ Immunities no longer port players out of the Twilight Realm.
+ The damage dealt by Twilight Sentries on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.

Blackrock Caverns
+ Beauty now spawns with only two pups in Heroic difficulty. Not to worry though, the missing pup has been adopted by a wonderful, if not insane family.

Blackwing Descent
+ Atramedes will now go berserk after 10 minutes on Heroic difficulty.

+ Blazing Bone Constructs on Heroic difficulty no longer drop fire periodically.
+ Blazing Bone Constructs on Heroic difficulty have had their health reduced.
+ Magmaw's health on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.

+ Increased the cast time of Release Aberrations.
+ Heroic: Decreased the health of the Vile Swill by 15%.
+ Heroic: Dark Sludge can now only target players.

+ The Chromatic Prototypes featured in the second phase of this encounter now wait longer before casting their first Blast Nova.
+ The Stolen Power enhancement gained in Heroic difficulties now increases all damage and healing for a set time, but each attack is increased by a smaller amount. This change will not be reflected in the tooltip until a later patch.
+ Freeing one's mind from Dominion now grants a movement speed bonus for a short time.

Omnotron Defense System
+ There is now a 10-minute berserk timer on Heroic difficulty.
+ Golem health has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
+ The damage dealt by Incineration Security Measure has been reduced.


Foe Reaper 5000
+ Foe Reaper 5000's health has been reduced slightly. In addition, he now enrages at 40%, up from 30%.
+ When enraged, Molten Slag spawn 33% faster.

+ The ship teleporter now activates when Ripsnarl is first engaged, rather than when he is defeated.

Vanessa VanCleef
+ While in Helix's Nightmare during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter, Helix is now larger and a little easier to see.
+ The final rope swing while fighting Vanessa VanCleef has been removed. Players no longer need to swing off of the boat at the end of phase 3.
+ Some boat fires will now go out when Vanessa VanCleef is defeated, making it easier to get back onto the ship from the cavern entrance.
+ Vengeance of VanCleef has been redesigned. It is now a stacking buff that increases damage dealt, size, and attack speed, and stacks up to 40 times. Vanessa will begin casting this as soon as she jumps back onto the boat after detonating charges.

Grim Batol
+ Faceless Corruptors now move 10% more slowly.
+ Players may still use spell and abilities while afflicted by Forgemaster Throngus's Impaling Slam.
+ Valiona's Devouring Flame damage has been reduced by 20%.

Halls of Origination
+ The duration of the Flame Wardens' Raging Inferno has been reduced by 80%.
+ Anraphet's Nemesis Strike now does 75% of weapon damage, up from 50%. In addition, the damage-over-time effect applied by this ability does 15,000 damage every 2 seconds, up from 9,000.
+ Earthrager Ptah's Flame Bolt now deals more damage per second on Heroic difficulty.
+ Setesh seeks a portal every 25 seconds, up from 20.

Lost City of the Tol'vir
+ Lockmaw no longer tolerates fighting in his treasure room.

Shadowfang Keep
Baron Ashbury
+ Sadly, in his hubris he has forgotten how to Mend Rotten Flesh.

Lord Godfrey
+ He should now face a random target when casting Pistol Barrage.

Lord Walden
+ Conjure Poisonous Mixture now deals more initial damage.
+ Frost Mixture is now area-of-effect damage.
+ Toxic Catalyst now deals less damage over time.

The Stonecore
+ Stonecore Earthshapers' Dust Storm does slightly less damage.

+ The warning time for Thrashing Charge has been increased by 1 second. In addition, Thrashing Charge now happens 4 times, down from 5.
+ The visual for Rock Borers spawning during the submersion phase is now different from the Thrashing Charge visual.

High Priestess Azil
+ She grew! She's now 175% the size of a human, up from 125%.
+ Gravity Wells should kill Devout Followers more quickly.
+ The cast time of Force Grip is now 1.5 seconds, up from 1.
+ The size of the warning visual for Seismic Shard has been increased to more accurately reflect the area it affects.

+ The ground phase lasts longer and has fewer stalactites.

+ He now does more melee damage.
+ There is now a precast visual on the ground to make it clear how far away a player must get to be clear of Shatter.
+ The cast time of Shatter has been increased to 3 seconds, up from 2.5.
+ Shatter damage is now reduced by armor, but has been increased by 33.3% (repeating, of course) as a result.

Throne of the Four Winds

Al’ Akir
+ Al'Akir's Electrocute can no longer be interrupted by Spell Reflection.

Conclave of Wind
+ Heroic: Slicing Gale debuff reduced from 10% per stack to 5%.
+ The duration of the Wind Blast pre-effect has been increased to 5 seconds, up from 3.

Throne of the Tides

Commander Ulthok now does more melee damage.
+ The damage done by Lady Naz'jatar's Shock Blast and Naz'jar Tempest Witch Chain Lightning has been reduced.
+ Gilgoblin Poisoned Spear impact damage has been reduced slightly.
+ Tainted Sentries Swell damage has been reduced.
+ The damage of Blight of Ozumat has been reduced by 25% per stack.

The Vortex Pinnacle

+ Desperate Speed cast by Temple Adepts has had its duration reduced significantly.

+ The visual effects in this encounter have been adjusted to make the wind direction easier to read.
+ Cyclones now knock players straight up, and players hit by a cyclone cannot be hit again for a few seconds.

+ Skyfall Stars are now summoned to help him defeat players.
+ Static Cling has had its cast time increased to 1.25 seconds, up from 1.

Grand Vizier Ertan
+ His health has been reduced slightly.
+ He now knocks away players standing too close to him when he retracts his Cyclone Shield, which now inflicts Nature damage if it touches players.

Dungeon & Raid Bug Fixes
+ Many dungeon maps with display issues or missing sections have been updated.
+ Several bosses and creatures were awarding no, or too little, reputation when killed. Conversely, some creatures were awarding too much reputation, or should not have been awarding reputation at all. These inconsistencies have been corrected.
+ Error messages for characters unable to enter a Heroic raid dungeon should be more clear.
+ Players level 83 and higher should be able to correctly queue for holiday dungeon bosses.
+ Players above level 80 can no longer queue for Wrath of the Lich King Heroic dungeons.
+ Level 68-79 Wrath of the Lich King dungeons again award reputation.
+ If a spell is cast which provides items for players (i.e. Soulwell), members of the party or raid should still be able to access the items after the caster leaves the dungeon.
+ The minimum level requirements for many level 1-60 dungeons were too high and have been appropriately adjusted.

+ If one of the bug trio bosses is tamed, the encounter can again be completed normally.

Baradin Hold
+ Players in the raid dungeon will correctly be given a 15-minute warning before Tol Barad will be in contention again.

The Bastion of Twilight
+ There should no longer be a significant performance drop when entering the Bastion Antechamber.
+ Several items dropping in the Heroic version of Bastion of Twilight which did not have the Heroic tag in their tooltip have been updated.
+ Cho'gall should no longer look awkward when he is Distracted while sitting on the Throne of the Apocalypse.
+ The voice-over text now matches the voice-over for Cho'Gall's speeches.
+ Cho'gall shouldn't Evade and despawn if pulled too close to the door at the entrance to the Throne of the Apocalypse.
+ Cho'gall shouldn't despawn if tanked close to his door when he gains Twisted Devotion.
+ If a Fire Elemental is spawned while Cho'gall is standing on the hidden elevator, they will no longer spawn in the wrong location for the remainder of the encounter.
+ The overhead arrow spell animation caused by Valiona's Twilight Meteorite ability shouldn't clip into the affected character while animating.
+ The corpses of Valiona and Theralion will adhere to the laws of gravity and fall to the ground if killed during phase transitions.
+ The Cache of the Broodmother (from Sinestra) will no longer despawn if dungeon difficulty is changed in the interface.
+ Static Overload used in the Twilight Ascendant Council encounter no longer deals full damage to pets.

Black Morass
+ Sa'at again has a dialog option for players to obtain a Chrono-Beacon, even if they have not completed the quest chain that begins with the quest "The Caverns of Time."

Blackrock Caverns
+ Karsh Steelbender's targeting reticule no longer changes size when he catches fire.
+ Raz the Crazed no longer returns to his Shadow Prison if Blackrock Caverns is reset, which was preventing players from finishing the dungeon.
+ Players shouldn't experience a move enforcement error or be pushed under the world if they are standing near lava when affected by Chains of Woe during the Rom'ogg Bonecrusher encounter.
+ Twilight Obsidian Borers in Blackrock Caverns resume channeling of Bore after being under the effects of a rogue's Sap.

Blackwing Descent
+ Ancient Dwarven Shields used while Atramedes is entering or exiting his air phase should correctly be destroyed.
+ There is no longer a dead zone void of Sonic Pulses on the Heroic version of the Atramedes encounter.
+ Arcanotron can no longer be pulled further than intended via a death knight's Death Grip.
+ Lightning Shield shouldn't trigger the shields of all Omnotron Council bosses.
+ Clicking the character name displayed in the raid warning for Lightning Conductor during the Omnotron Defense System encounter no longer brings up the tooltip for the spell Lightning Conductor.
+ Maloriak's Magma Jets correctly have a cast time.
+ The effect of Maloriak's spell Consuming Flames should no longer be inconsistent with its combat log tooltip.
+ Maloriak will no longer interrupt himself when speaking during transition phases.
+ The voice-over text now matches the voice-over for Lord Victor Nefarius' post-Maloriak kill speech.
+ Corpses of Animated Bone Warriors no longer float above the lava during phase 2 of the Nefarian's End encounter.
+ Nefarions voice-overs should always be audible when standing in the Vault of the Shadowflame.
+ Chimaeron shouldn't enter phase 2 prematurely.
+ Chimaeron thought he had 3 heads, resulting in 3 separate sleeping animations. He now knows he only has 2 heads.

Blackwing Lair
+ The gate at the entrance of Blackwing Lair correctly opens after Chromaggus is tamed as a pet.

Caverns of Time
+ Human Illusion: This effect is no longer applied to worgen.

The Deadmines
+ Admiral Ripsnarl can no longer be pulled off the top of his ship without resetting the encounter on Heroic difficulty.
+ Defeating Captain Cookie should no longer despawn his cooking pot or leave his corpse floating in mid-air.
+ Foe Reaper 5000 should no longer arbitrarily reset the encounter.
+ The achievement criteria for Prototype Prodigy correctly resets after a wipe.
+ It is no longer possible to avoid detonated charges without leaving the boat during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter.
+ The buff aura applied with random internal information in the tooltip when players access the ropes during the Vanessa VanCleef encounter has been amended.
+ Fixed a bug where players would sometimes have mounting issues after engaging Helix Gearbreaker in any incarnation.

Grim Batol
+ The Twilight Beguiler's ability Deceitful Blast no longer ignores line of sight.
+ It is no longer possible for Forgemaster Throngus to not choose a static direction to channel Flaming Shield.

Halls of Origination
+ Spatial Anomaly now drops loot.
+ Multiple Heroic items dropping in the Halls of Origination had level requirements that were too low and have been updated.
+ Players should correctly receive the achievement Faster Than the Speed of Light if they die prior to the party meeting the criteria.
+ Setesh's Chaos Burn void zones should now be viewable by players with projected textures disabled.
+ The Setesh encounter will now fully reset properly, even if his minions are more than 300 yards from him when he resets.
+ Curse of the Runecaster debuff now deals damage as its tooltip states it will.
+ The Sun-Touched Spritelings and Sprites will no longer retain the Pyrogenics buffs after death.
+ Sun-Touched Servants and Sprites will no longer die without spawning creatures if they are stunned right after they cast Disperse.
+ The Celestial Familiars summoned during the Isiset encounter are no longer classified as humanoids.

Icecrown Citadel
+ Kinetic Bombs used during the Blood Prince Council fight will no longer behave oddly if they spawn near the door at the entrance to the room.

Lost City of the Tol'vir
+ Characters hit with General Husam's Hard Impact ability should now always slide down the pillar they are flung into.
+ Lockmaw shouldn't Evade and despawn if pulled onto the steps directly behind his starting location.
+ Several line-of-sight issues have been corrected around the Sanctum of the South Wind.

Scarlet Monastery
+ The courtyards in the Library, Armory and Cathedral wings should no longer have portal errors.

Sethekk Halls
+ The door leading out of Talon King Ikiss's room should always properly open.

The Stonecore
+ Fixed a bug that made Ozruk's Shatter knockback component 10-yard range while the damage had a 15-yard range. Both are 15 yards now.
+ Earthwarden Yrsa has been reminded she's a dwarf and now speaks like one (instead of using a draenei voice).
+ Crystal Shards spawned by the Crystalspawn Giant should now immediately despawn after a wipe.
+ The particle effects used when Corborus submerges below the ground should no longer cause performance issues.
+ Players shouldn't receive a random error during the High Priestess Azil encounter.
+ High Priestess Azil shouldn't be able to Force Grip players through the altar.
+ Killing a Stonecore Earthshaper that transforms into a Force of Earth now correctly awards loot.

+ Archmage Angela Dosantos's portal at the end of the dungeon should no longer suffer from functionality issues.
+ Willey Hopebreaker no longer plays extraneous "I'm dying" sound variations simultaneously when a Scarlet Cannon is fired.

Throne of the Four Winds
+ A client assertion issue which could occur during the Al'Akir encounter has been corrected.
+ Ravenous Creepers should now all despawn if the raid wipes while they're spawning.

Throne of the Tides
+ Players can no longer bypass the tentacle knockback area by being super sneaky with their abilities.
+ Ozumat's Blight of Ozumat can be partially resisted, but can no longer miss players.
+ Al'Akir's Electrocute can no longer be interrupted by Spell Reflection.
+ Lady Naz'jar's Geyser should no longer potentially knock players outside the boss room above the geometry of the dungeon.
+ Commander Ulthok's Dark Fissure effect should now display correctly when projected textures are disabled.
+ Poisoned Spear: The impact of this damage has been reduced.

The Vortex Pinnacle
+ Players who enter the dungeon through the instance portal are now given a means to exit after defeating Asaad.
+ Cyclone used by Wild Vortex should no longer be removing some aura abilities.
+ Minister of Air's Lightning Lash is now properly cast even if a player is not in line of sight.
+ Skyfall Star now leashes and no longer keep players in combat throughout the dungeon if engaged and not killed.


* The guild reward Armadillo Pup now requires revered faction instead of exalted.
* All guild banners now reward bonus reputation in addition to honor and experience.
* Guild bank vouchers that players unlock as guild rewards now correctly state that they can only be used by Guild Leaders.
* Once a guild hits level 23, the daily cap on experience gained is removed.
* Additional animations have been added to the Armadillo Pet guild reward.
* The guild faction requirement on the Guild Herald has been lowered to Revered reputation.
* We have redefined the definition of a Guild Group for 5-player dungeons.
+ If 3 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 50% of the normal rate.
+ If 4 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 100% of the normal rate.
+ If 5 out of 5 players in a group are members of the same guild, they will now be able to complete guild achievements and earn guild experience at 125% of the normal rate.
+ Also note that Heroic dungeons offer a 1.5x multiplier on all guild experience earned.


* Bell of Enraging Resonance can now trigger from any damage spell instead of only critical strikes.
* Daybreaker Helm stats have been reallocated, lowering Strength and increasing parry rating.
* The Fury of Angerforge internal cooldown has been drastically reduced so this trinket will build up charges much faster.
* The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them.
* The cooldown on the Horde Battle Standard has been adjusted to 10 minutes to be consistent with the Alliance version.
* Left Eye of Rajh: Chance of triggering increased.
* Lich King trinkets with bonus armor values have been adjusted using the new Cataclysm formula, reducing their armor values substantially.
* Mandala of Stirring Patterns now grants Intellect instead of Mastery.
* Item Sets

Normal PvE helms (item level 359) no longer have a chance to drop from Nefarian or Cho'gall on Heroic difficulty. Instead, the Heroic PvE helm and shoulder pieces (item level 372) only require their associated Crown/Shoulders of the Forlorn tokens to purchase, and do not require players to obtain the normal helms or shoulders first.
+ The PvE hunter 4-piece set bonus has been redesigned. It now reduces the cast time of Steady Shot and Cobra Shot by .2 seconds.
+ The PvE warlock 4-piece set bonus (Fel Spark) now increases the damage done by the next 2 Fel Flame spells by 300%, rather than increasing the critical effect chance of one by 100%.
+ All PvP 4-piece bonuses have had their flat stat values cut in half. Primary stats are very powerful in Cataclysm, so much so that players were considering using PvP gear in PvE just because of these primary stat bonuses.
+ The PvP Balance druid 4-piece set bonus effect has been increased to 20 Solar Energy and 13 Lunar Energy, up from 5 and 13. The effect will also now be more intelligent at choosing whether to give the druid Lunar or Solar Energy (it checks the Balance Power to determine which to give depending on which energy is higher at the time).
+ The PvP priest 4-piece set bonus has been redesigned. When Power Word: Shield is cast on the priest, movement speed reduction effects are temporally suppressed for 4 seconds.
+ The PvP warlock 4-piece set bonus has been redesigned. It now reduces the cooldown of Death Coil by 30 seconds.
+ The PvP warrior 4-piece set bonus has been redesigned. It now reduces disarm duration by 60% (does not stack with any Weapon Chains).
* PvP enchants are properly valued and attached to Honor Quartermasters and Tol Barad/Baradin Hold Quartermasters.
* PvP trinkets will now clear disarm and silence effects.
* Right Eye of Rajh: Chance of triggering increased.
* Weapon Chains now reduce disarm duration by 60%, up from 50%.

Item Bug Fixes
+ Several items obtained during the 1-60 leveling experience had incorrect level requirements (particularly dungeon items) and have been corrected. This includes multiple plate armor pieces which had level requirements below level 40.
+ Many items with inconsistent stats (including Intellect on hunter items) or stat values have been updated. This includes items which were lacking a vendor sell price.
+ Many items or item set bonuses which referenced stats or abilities that no longer exist have been updated.
+ Several item procs and set bonuses were not functioning as stated and have been corrected.
+ Some Cataclysm trinket procs or activation graphics shared effects with common player spells and have been updated.
+ Items specific to Dragonmaw Clan and Wildhammer Clan reputation now translate properly after a Paid Faction Change.
+ The new high-level reputation tabards are no longer using the Ramhaken tabard art.
+ The Disgusting Oozeling no longer applies a debuff which reduces defense, a deprecated stat.
+ Shirts no longer add to the average item level used to determine eligibility for Heroic dungeons.
+ The Golden King mount will now properly translate to the Annihilator mount if a player initiates a Paid Faction Change.
+ Clicking the Reforge button multiple times before the reforge is complete should not cause players to be charged for each click.

Dungeon & Raid Item Fixes
+ Several dungeon items have been updated so that the appropriate classes can roll Need.
+ The Crossfire Carbine (The Bastion of Twilight) no longer incorrectly has the Heroic tag.
+ Normal and Heroic versions of Willowy Crown (Blackrock Caverns) have updated icon, texture, and model art.
+ Using Corrupted Egg Shell (Grim Batol) on a player who is eating or drinking shouldn't interrupt them. In addition, the Egg shell buff will now be removed when the Corrupted Egg Shell trinket is unequipped after being used on a party member.
+ The Forge Ember (Halls of Stone) can no longer proc from non-healing/damaging spells.
+ The socket colors for the normal and Heroic versions of Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers (Icecrown Citadel) were inconsistent and have been updated.
+ Oggleflint's Inspirer (Ragefire Chasm) now binds when picked up.

Profession & Enhancement Item Fixes
+ Arcanum of Burning Mysteries is now consistent with its healing counterpart, Arcanum of Blissful Mending.
+ Enchant Cloak - Dodge can no longer be cast on capes below the character level 35 requirement.
+ Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility required Runed Elementium Rod, which is learned at a higher skill level. This has been addressed.
+ Flask of Oil is now obtainable to craft Goblin Jumper Cables and Gnomish Universal Remote from using Engineering to mine Harvest Reapers.
+ Frost Oil should now correctly proc as intended.
+ Guardian Stones correctly drop from Stone Guardians.
+ Goblin engineers can now learn the schematic for the Mechano-Hog.
+ Worgen engineers can now learn the schematic for the Mekgineer's Chopper.
+ The Mighty Alchemist's Stone and Indestructible Alchemist's Stone are properly able to be reforged.
+ Mixology now correctly provides the duration increase to Elixir of Camouflage.
+ The Origami Rock, Origami Slime, and Scroll of Protection IX can correctly be placed into inscription bags.
+ Parachute Cloak can no longer be used when the character is already on the ground.
+ Runescroll of Fortitude II was applying Fortitude, which only provides 165 Stamina instead of the 468 Stamina listed in the tooltip. This is fixed.
+ Scroll of Intellect VI is now available to train from Inscription trainers.
+ Spider's Silk was too difficult to obtain and should now drop more frequently.

PvP Item Fixes
+ Horde and Alliance Battle Standards now have consistent cooldowns.
+ Firelord's Draught can only be used in Battlegrounds, as advertised, and no longer incorrectly increases spell power instead of Intellect if that is the highest stat.
+ Cataclysm Gladiator relic tooltips no longer states they can be used by priests.
+ Merciless Gladiator's Spellblade had inconsistent damage with the rest of the set and has been updated.
+ Vicious Gladiator's fist weapons should not be using placeholder art.

Item Display Fixes
+ Enchant and weapon trail animations and effects should now be properly displaying on many items which were not correctly displaying them previously.
+ Many item and armor display issues which affected select races have been corrected.

Tooltip Fixes
+ Many tooltips have been updated to reflect any changes made via recent hotfixes.
+ Several flying mount tooltips have been updated so they no longer say these mounts can be summoned in Outland and Northrend only.
+ Several typos found in various item tooltips have been corrected.


* Find Herbs, Fish, and Minerals are no longer canceled upon entering an Arena or rated Battleground.
* A socket has been added to most crafted epic armor pieces that did not already have one.

+ Alchemist's Stones for Agility, Strength, and Intellect have been added.
+ The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly.
+ The drops from Tiny Treasure Chests have been improved slightly.

+ Archaeology fragments now have a hard cap of 200 per race. Players will not be able to collect additional fragments until they complete artifacts to take them down below 200 fragments. Players with more than 200 fragments will not lose additional fragments in 4.0.6, but in a future patch we may remove any fragments above 200.
+ Archaeology finds now grant a guaranteed skill point up to 50 skill, and then no longer grant skill gains, as opposed to granting up to 100 skill very slowly.
+ The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.

+ Multiple spawn locations now exist for the Confectioner's Sugar (daily quest item) in Stormwind.

+ Three new bracer enchants are available. They increase Agility by 50, Strength by 50, or Intellect by 50 respectively. Item level 300 or higher required. These new recipes are rare world drops.
+ Enchant Off-Handed - Superior Intellect now increases Intellect by 40, down from 100.

+ The Electrified Ether recipe now creates 2 to 3 Electrified Ether instead of 1.
+ The Heat-Treated Spinning Lure buff duration has been increased to 15 minutes, up from 5. In addition, the recipe now creates 2 at a time.
+ Mystic Cogwheel is a new Engineering Cogwheel gem which provides resilience rating and can be purchased from the Engineering vendor for 55 Honor Points.
+ Synapse Springs now increase Agility, Strength, or Intellect (whichever is highest for the character). In addition, the effect now lasts 10 seconds, down from 12.
+ Volatile Air now has an increased chance of dropping from rich mining nodes and Pyrite with the Electrostatic Condenser.

+ Rare fishing poles now have a chance to be found in the Bag of Fishing Treasures earned via the Stormwind and Orgrimmar Fishing daily quests.

+ Ink Traders have been added to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

+ Meta gems with the Chaotic and Relentless prefixes now have a requirement of 3 red gems.
+ New meta gems have been added: Agile Shadowspirit Diamond (Agility/3% critical damage), Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond (Strength/3% critical damage), and Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (Intellect/3% critical damage). These new recipes are unbound and can drop from any Cataclysm creature. The new meta gems have a requirement of 3 red gems equipped.
+ Vivid Dream Emerald (new gem) provides resilience/spell penetration and can be purchased for 3 Illustrious Tokens.
+ Wrath of the Lich King purple, green, and orange gems have been increased in cost to match red, blue, and yellow epic gems (220 Justice Points). Burning Crusade epic gems have been increased in cost to match the most expensive Wrath of the Lich King gems.

+ The 500 to 510 skill-up range for Leatherworking has been improved.

+ Darkglow Embroidery (Rank 2) now increases Spirit instead of restoring a flat amount of mana.
+ Illusionary Bag now has 26 slots.

Profession Bug Fixes
+ See the fixes listed under the Items section.


+ Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp and Ancient Hysteria can no longer be cast while in Arenas.


The Battle for Gilneas
+ The time it takes to capture a flag has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 8.

Strand of the Ancients
+ The damage done by Antipersonnel Cannons has been doubled.
+ The missile speed of Rocket Blast (Antipersonnel Cannons) has been increased by roughly 50%.
+ Some Antipersonnel Cannons could shoot the platform they were spawned on. These spawn locations have been fixed.
+ The Battleground Demolisher no longer has two additional seats and now only has room for the driver.
+ A PvP duration flag has been added to Battleground Demolishers. This should make it so crowd control effects cast on unmanned demolishers does not last an extended amount of time.
+ There should no longer be a discrepancy in time when the Battleground Demolishers spawn at the start of each round.
+ The Battleground Demolishers spawned on the docks no longer despawn when the north graveyard is taken by the offense.
+ Massive Seaforium Charges should now be useable in rated Battleground matches.
+ The duration of the Teleport debuff has been lowered to 10 seconds, down from 20.
+ The radius of the Seaforium Blast has been lowered to 10 yards, down from 20.
+ The Teleporters on defense will now teleport players based on which line of gates have been destroyed, rather than directly behind that gate. For example, if a player clicks the Teleporter at the Blue gate when one of the beach gates has been destroyed, it will put the player behind the Red gate.

Tol Barad
+ Attacking forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control 2 keeps.
+ Defending forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control all 3 keeps.
+ Daily quest creatures, herbs, minerals, etc. will only spawn when Tol Barad is in the quest phase between battles. There will be 5-minute and 1-minute warnings before the quest phase ends. The quest phase ends 15 minutes before the battle for Tol Barad begins and queuing is made available. At that time any players in the daily micro dungeons will be ported just outside. This does not apply to Tol Barad Peninsula or the daily quests there.
+ The weekly PvP quest "Victory in Tol Barad" now awards 200 Honor Points and 3 Tol Barad Commendations.
+ Players can now see the status of Tol Barad on the World Map no matter where they are. The time to the next battle is displayed by zooming into the Tol Barad section of the map. The current controlling faction can be seen on the Eastern Kingdoms map.

PvP Bug Fixes
+ Players are again able to report other players as AFK from the maps and chat interfaces in Tol Barad and Wintergrasp.
+ Arena Fixes
+ Entering an Arena should no longer sometimes cause a client crash.
+ It is now possible to disband an Arena team from the Arena Team management page of the PvP tab.
+ The Join Battle button on the PvP pane should now function when a team captain attempts to queue.
+ It should no longer be possible for players to get their pets stuck on the large pillars in the Orgrimmar Arena.
+ Players joining late to an Arena match will now count for the win condition and will have enemy unit frames.

Battleground Fixes
+ Players should no longer receive a client crash by going AFK in a Battleground.
+ There should no longer be a slight delay when returning a flag in Battlegrounds.
+ The Battleground Rating and Rating Change categories on the Score Screen are now sorting properly.
+ Arathi Basin
# The buff located at the Blacksmith should now always apply when players run through it.
# The Goldmine flag no longer counts as two base assaults when captured by the Horde.

Eye of the Storm
# Players with only the classic World of Warcraft license attached to their accounts should now be able to access this Battleground.

Isle of Conquest
# The Horde gates no longer become large pink cubes when they are destroyed.
# The Alliance Keep entrance should not start open at the beginning of the battle.
# Vehicle damage now better matches the tooltip.
# Using a catapult's Launch should no longer cause players to sometimes get stuck inside the geometry of the Horde Keep.

Strand of the Ancients
# It should no longer be possible for the Alliance boats to not phase out upon the start of round 2.
# Move enforcement failures shouldn't occur while on the ships for either faction.

Twin Peaks
# Boots of Speed power-ups were unevenly placed relative to the flags in each base and have been adjusted.
# The interface should now properly track the final flag capture for the Horde.

Tol Barad Fixes
+ The status and timer on the map should now be working correctly.
+ The Abandoned Siege Engines now make sounds when moving.

Quests & Creatures

* Many rare creatures that went into hiding upon Deathwing's emergence into Azeroth have made a return! In addition to finding new homes in a post-Cataclysm world, they drop new, improved loot, provide a healthy experience bonus, and respawn much more quickly when killed. Happy hunting!

Stranglethorn Vale
= Chief Engineer Scooty, formally of Booty Bay, has packed up his Gnomeregan teleporter and lugged it up to Grom'gol in Northern Stranglethorn to better accommodate his Horde customers.

Tol Barad Peninsula
+ A new achievement, Just Another Day in Tol Barad, has been added for completing all of the Tol Barad daily quests.
+ Crazed Guards now drop Rusty Rifles.
+ The spawn rate of Alliance and Horde Infantry for the quest "The Leftovers" has been increased.
+ The Magnetized Scrap Collector for the quest "Magnets, How Do They Work?" will now be correctly removed from players' bags upon completing the quest.
+ Both the Baradin's Wardens and Hellscream's Reach Commendations are now Bound to Account items.
+ Quest turn-in NPCs have been added to Baradin Base Camp and Hellscream's Reach in Tol Barad Peninsula for the Tol Barad bonus quests. This will allow players to turn in these quests if the original quest givers in Tol Barad are not available.
+ Kill credit for the Tol Barad bonus quest bosses will now be granted to players who have helped attack them, even if they are not in the same group. These bosses include Problim, Archmage Galus, Warden Silva, and Svarnos.
+ The Farson Keep Prisoner summoned for the quest "Walk A Mile In Their Shoes" will now only be visible to the player who summoned him.
+ Spawn rates at Rustberg Village have been increased.
+ Rusty Rifles will now spawn more frequently at Farson Keep.

Quest & Creature Bug Fixes
+ Goblin Zeppelin Masters who are marked as Horde faction will no longer cause Alliance players to lose neutral goblin reputation if killed.
+ Corehounds in Mount Hyjal cannot be tamed by hunters without the required Beast Mastery talent.
+ Darkwood Lurkers and Broodmothers in Tol Barad Peninsula can now be skinned.
+ Players should now always receive 6 daily quests in Tol Barad Peninsula as intended, rather than sometimes only getting 5.


* The draenei racial trait Gift of the Naaru now heals 20% of the target's health over 15 seconds, rather than a scaling value.
* The dwarven racial trait Stoneform now reduces all damage taken by 10%, rather than increasing armor by 10%. It also increases the dwarf's size when used.
* The gnomish racial trait Escape Artist now has a 1.5-minute cooldown, down from 1.75. In addition, it is now possible to use and waste this ability when not snared or rooted. This is consistent with other dispels.
* The human racial trait Every Man for Himself has been reverted back to a 2-minute cooldown, down from 3 minutes.
* The night elf racial trait Shadowmeld can now be used while shapeshifted.
* The tauren racial trait War Stomp can now be used while shapeshifted.
* The worgen racial trait Darkflight now has a 2-minute cooldown, down from 3, and is no longer on the global cooldown. In addition, the movement speed bonus now stacks with existing bonuses, but cannot be activated while Sprint or Dash is active (and they cannot be activated while Darkflight is active).

Race Bug Fixes
+ Goblin Rocket Barrage damage is no longer inconsistent with its tooltip.
+ Goblin characters can now participate in the Argent Tournament via the Orgrimmar delegation.
+ The tooltip for the orc racial Blood Fury now shows the correct amount of attack/spell power boosts.
+ Attempting to use the worgen ability Two Forms while under the effects of a druid's Shapeshift should no longer cause an incorrect error message.
+ Worgen characters can now participate in the Argent Tournament via the Darnassus delegation.

User Interface

* For opening cinematics there is now a streaming option interface in the login screen for play-on-demand.
* Players can now individually remove raid world markers.
* The Reputation Pane now saves which reputation categories are expanded or collapsed.

Character Info Window
+ The Character Info window (C) now saves the order and expand/collapse state of stat categories separately for each talent specialization.
+ Character movement speed is now displayed on the Character Info window (C) with all other stats.
+ The Haste display on the Character Info window (C) now shows the total haste percentage, rather than only haste from haste rating.

+ There are now number displays on the summary page and dropdown menu.
+ Ready Flash has been added to the race icons.

Guild Interface
+ A View All button has been added to the profession display regardless of whether Show Offline Members is checked.
+ Online members can now be sorted to the top of the View Crafters list.
+ The guild reputation cap is now displayed in the tooltip.

Real ID & Chat
+ Real ID login notifications now include character and game icons.
+ Players can now right-click close a chat window tab even if it's not the current tab.
+ There is now an option to auto-pop whispers into a new tab.
+ Popped out whisper windows now show online/offline status messages.

Unit Frames
+ Predicted healing (previously only available for Raid Frames and raid-style Party Frames) has been added to the following unit frames: Player Frame, Party Frame, Target Frame, and Focus Frame.

User Interface Bug Fixes
+ Many tooltips have been updated to reflect any changes made via recent hotfixes.
+ Several typos found in various item and spell tooltips have been corrected.
+ The Combat Log was displaying a lot of incorrect or inconsistent information pertaining to select player, creature, and boss abilities. These issues have been addressed.
+ Many quests with missing or incorrect Wanted portraits have been updated.
+ Several quests missing objective points of interest on the map have been updated for proper tracking.
+ Cooldown countdowns on tooltips should now update properly when mousing over an ability on cooldown on a secondary action bar.
+ Worgen characters now work properly in the Barbershop.

General Bug Fixes

* Many holiday decorations have been updated to better align with the post-Cataclysm world. In addition, decorations should be visible in all Stormwind quest phases, and have returned to Gadgetzan. Party on, dudes!
* Lunar Festival Sentinels anti-PvP guards have had their level and health/damage modifiers adjusted for Cataclysm.
* Corpses now properly drop to the ground if a player is killed in midair.
* Dying while using a Charge ability will no longer leave the player's corpse suspended in the air.
* Spells with attachment point effect visuals should now display correctly.
* Many spell effects which were no longer displaying properly have been corrected.
* Players' pets should now properly benefit from Mana Spring Totem.
* Players will now receive an error when attempting to spend talent points while dead or a ghost.

Sound Fixes
+ Sound shouldn't become de-synced during encounters with large amounts of sound effects.
+ Sound shouldn't cut out when there are a large amount of sound effects being played at once.
+ There should no longer be delays on some sounds in select situations.

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